Residential Maintenance Management

Licensed, Bonded, Insured  •

Our Residential Maintenance Subscription services ensure that your home is properly maintained and cleaned with minimal inconvenience and cost to you, combining the expertise of all our cleaning divisions into one value added service from West Linn, OR to Seattle, WA.

A homeowner is placed in an awkward position when identifying home servicing issues:

  • What services need to be done in my home, when and by whom?
  • How many contractors do I have to contact to get qualified quotations?
  • How much time will I have to spend meeting the contractors, checking references and comparing estimates?
  • How do I know that the contractor is consistent in quality work?
  • What guarantees do I have that work will be completed on a timely basis?
  • How much time must I spend at home, away from the office supervising the work?


Initial Visit – During the initial visit an AEGIS HomeWatch Technician documents all of the major systems in the home and creates your HomeBook. The HomeBook is used to document all maintenance and cleaning services provided in the home and provides a living record of your home for future owners.

Prescheduled Service Calls – Every three months an AEGIS HomeWatch Technician will visit your home on a prescribed date to perform seasonal servicing. During these visits, the HomeWatch Technician will continually identify areas that will require remedial attention.

Since the HomeWatch Technician has documented the major components of your Portland or Seattle home, he will ensure that he has the necessary repair/service parts in his vehicle at the time he attends your home for a regular service.