Benefits of Dryer Duct Cleaning

The main benefit to dryer vent cleaning is fire prevention. Over time, there is a heavy accumulation of lint which builds up inside the exhaust line. Homeowners may not realize the danger that lint in a dryer duct may pose but it is highly flammable. There are a significant number of dryer fires every year when the buildup of lint inside the duct catches fire. In a condominium setting, should disaster strike one homeowner, the fire can quickly spread to neighboring homeowners. With dryer exhaust duct cleaning the risk of lint fire is greatly reduced. We of course recommend cleaning your dryer’s lint filter after each load, but that is not enough. Our specialists will clean out the inherent potential fire hazards due to lint buildup in your dryer duct system in order to provide you with the best dryer duct cleaning possible. Our technician will clean out all unwanted lint buildup inside the duct, restoring the exhausting of air from your dryer duct. In this way, you can rest assured that the hazard of a dryer fire in your home is exponentially reduced.